Mobile Application



Mobile applications offer flexibility and multiple features. They are used for working time reporting and work assignment management. The Java application is installed to employee's mobile phone and it's always along. The application is light, convenient and easy-to-use with a comfortable interface. Java application is also an inexpensive investment as it works in mobile phones with built-in Java support and doesn't necessarily require any hardware purchases.


  • Versatile work assignment management
  • Enables real-time two-way communication
  • Working time reporting is quick and easy
  • Improves safety and punctuality
  • Alarms ensure that work begins and ends on time


  • Versatile work assignment management
    • Receiving and accepting work assignments
    • Receiving working instructions
    • Reporting the beginning and end of work
    • Reporting working time breaks
    • Entering additional information



 The Java application is appropriate especially for work in which

  • there are multiple tasks and work sites
  • work doesn't begin and end at the same location
  • the management must be able to transmit information to the field
  • the management must be able to monitor the status of tasks in real-time
  • the management must know the location of the employees


The Java application can be installed to a mobile phone with built-in Java support. It's up to our customers to decide whether they want to use their own existing phones or buy phones directly from us with the application already installed.

Start-up support

Our support personnel will give assistance by phone or email, if necessary.



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