Desktop Reporting Tool



Desktop Reporting Tool is mainly designed for static workforce. It's a simple reporting application installed to a computer. Employees login with a username and password and report their working hours by using the application. This is an accurate and reliable way to report working time and the information is automatically transmitted to the system in real-time.


  • An easy way to report working time
  • Accurate and reliable
  • No hardware investment required


  • Users can define a specific customer, work category, cost pool, project, sub-project and enter additional information
  • The application can start and end working time automatically when the operating system starts or shuts down
  • Works in Windows and Mac OS



Desktop Reporting Tool is appropriate especially for work in which

  • the work site or office is fixed
  • a computer is used (requires an Internet connection)
  • working time shall be allocated to e.g. multiple customers, projects or cost pools


The application works in both Windows and Mac OS. It can be downloaded from our server and the setup process is quick and easy. The use of the application requires an Internet connection.

Start-up support

Our support personnel will give assistance by phone or email, if necessary.