Work Management


We provide ERP and work management systems for different purposes and our solutions are designed for both mobile and static workforce. Our service is a versatile solution for many businesses and industries – it enables real-time work, employee and fleet management. At best, our ERP system is an all-in-one service which includes all the necessary tools for comprehensive work management: from working time reporting, work assignment and work schedule management to automated salary calculation and invoicing.

Our ERP system is modern technology combined with high usability and our aim is to provide functional and reliable solutions for our customers. The service is based on the combination of NFC/RFID, GPS, mobile and Web technologies but technology as such isn't what we are selling – we want to make Your life easier with practical solutions. The system is module-based and highly customizable and our customers may choose what they need and how they want to use our services. We're experts in providing tailor-made solutions to suit different needs.

Track My Work is the standard name for the ERP system. eCLEANERS and ePATROL are basically customized versions of the system for cleaning and sanitation industry and patrol companies respectively. Please click the logos below to learn more about the product families, benefits, features and different user interfaces.



  • City of Oulu - City Mobile Worker