Sanding and Plowing Logbook



The Sanding and Plowing Logbook is based on the same idea as Automatic Driver's Logbook. It's a simple and brilliant GPS-based device which saves time, effort and money. A GPS tracking device is mounted to a vehicle and it collects all the drive data as the vehicle moves – an automatic logbook will never forget any travels.

Drive data is automatically stored on a server which is accessible via Internet – no need for manual data transfer or software installation and the data is available anywhere and anytime. The user has an access to the web-based system which generates the logbook information required by tax authorities. The information can also be saved in PDF or Excel format and transferred to external systems.

You're able to define what information you want to collect from the vehicle. Drive category selection can be done manually with a switch or directly from vehicle electronics (e.g. sanding, plowing or brushing). A driver identification module is also a very useful feature if there are several drivers. You can also bind a driving session to a certain targeat area of customer based on the location.


  • Saves time, effort and money
  • Creates an automatic, accurate and reliable logbook
  • Drive data is automatically stored on a server and is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • You're able to verify where the vehicle has been at a given time
  • Extensive and accurate reports and logbooks
  • Helps if a vehicle is stolen


  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Accurate drive data and routes with time and address
  • Drive category selection with a switch or directly from vehicle electronics
  • Supports multiple drive categories
  • Driver identification
  • Automatic data transmission, storage and processing
  • Extensive reports
  • Generates the driver's logbook information required by employers and tax authorities
  • Possibility to bind a driving session to a certain target area or customer based on the location
  • Data transfer to external systems



We have several GPS tracking devices for different purposes. Our sales personnel will always help in choosing the best alternative to suit Your needs.

Our tracking devices can be equipped with features like

  • Multiple drive category switches (rotating or on/off)
  • Driver identification module & iButtons

Please contact our sales personnel to learn more about the available features and accessories.



Vehicle tracking devices can be installed in three different ways:

  • Cigarette lighter plug
  • OBD connector
  • Fixed mounting to car battery (10V-30V)

We always let our customers choose the best way to install the GPS tracking devices. Cigarette lighter installation can be done by anyone and the device is ready for use out of the box. OBD connection and fixed mounting require some knowledge and skill and we can recommend certain companies who can do the mounting if the customer doesn't want to do that personally.